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I'm a freelance illustrator based in Madrid, Spain.

I collaborate with different publishers, media, and international brands all over the world.

Clients include:

The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian UK/US, The Washington Post, Quarto Knows, Bon Appetit, Le Devoir, Berliner Zeitung, Jacobin, The Correspondent, Meta, UNHR, El País, El Mundo, Vogue, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Penguin Random House, Mosquito books, Samsung, Tinder, Time Out, Klasse Magazine, Landbot, Ministerio de Igualdad del Gobierno de España, BBH New York, Havas New York ...

I also teach illustration courses and workshops.

I currently teach illustration at LABASAD, Barcelona School of Arts & Design

Since 2020 I coordinate #RECETARIOGRAFICO and teach workshops at La Casa Encendida in Madrid. A cycle of workshops, courses, seminars, talks and masterclasses for designers and people interested in experimenting with graphic creation techniques, about the different areas and applications of illustration and the market to which it belongs, where I also teach workshops.

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